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What is Interim Treasury Management?

It is important to differentiate between an interim manager and a management consultant when choosing who to recruit to provide the correct and cost-effective solution for your company.

Interim managers will work closely with their clients during the time of an assignment, usually operating at the client’s premises and acting as a “hands-on” Treasury team member. However, they are not members of staff and will act independently, typically operating through a limited company, invoicing their clients on a daily fee basis. This allows them to give an objective and forthright view of the actions that need to be taken, albeit it in a diplomatic and tactful manner. An interim will usually have full responsibility to make recommendations and then implements these based on practical experience.

Interim managers will typically be introduced to clients through specialist interim recruitment agencies who understand the market. Increasingly, they are also introduced to prospective clients through their own professional interim networks.

A professional interim will remain committed to the assignment and the completion of all pre-assigned goals, ensuring a smooth handover to permanent staff members before completion. Mentoring and training of the client's staff is an important step in this process. Interims will often assist in the recruitment of the full time staff members.

Management consultants will provide advice on alternative strategies for improvement, pursuing standard in-house methodologies. They can therefore provide valuable analysis and will be aware of the latest management techniques. However, implementation of such recommendations and acquiring the necessary skills will be the client’s responsibility.

Management consultants are normally highly trained and well educated, often to MBA standard, but may not have the line management skills and experience required for an interim. Management consultants will employ their own full time staff seconded to the client for the assignment, depending upon current availability.

Occasionally, interim managers will work on assignments alongside management consultants. For instance, management consultants may introduce interim managers to their clients when they identify a role which is more appropriate for an interim.

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